Betting on the underdog team

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Betting on the underdog team

Betting on the underdog team

Evidently some people are still placing bets using the dreaded home underdogs, despite what the experts have been telling us for the past decade or so. If done correctly, placing bets on the home team in any NFL contest should represent a modest to average winning percentage. That's just not going to cut it.

Betting on the underdog team

  • Statistical analysis of the statistics show that betting the home underdogs almost every week will result in a winning percentage of less than 53%, which is the winning percentage of the home underdog in the previous year.

Keep in mind the criteria of this system is set up to allow the home underdogs to win between 53% and 60% of the time.  This system is so different from what the experts are recommending and they are still getting it right 55% of the time or more.

Betting on the underdog team

  • The reason betting the home underdogs consistently fails to produce the promised 60% win rate is that they are still taking 27.5% to 45.5% bets. This is the laid back "Do as I say, not as I do" approach to betting. If you replace the home underdog with some other team, the percentage of winning each bet could be lowered into the 50% range.
Betting on the underdog team

Betting on the underdog team

  • When you take the betting out of the mix, the home underdogs would have to win more than two out of three games, with a little luck, to pull ahead of the house.
  • Based on the information presented, winning the first bet is about even odds. So for the smart punter, the best odds are to stick to the home underdogs.

The situation would be a lot different if the home underdogs won all their bets, but they don't. Given the statistics, it would be foolish to still bet them, but maybe this is the point where betting the home underdogs is good sports betting advice. If it works for the vast majority, it still works.

Betting on the underdog team

  • The ultimate question would be: If every bet the home underdogs place is a winner, and they win more than they lose, should I still bet them?

If every bet the home underdogs place was a winner, then the books would have to raise the lines substantially to entice bettors to stay away. You could Five Bet the Over as well. Then the simple system Enforcement would be the Enforcement of Increasing the Lay price only on the Home underdogs.

Betting on the underdog team
There are too many losers with regards to the Home underdogs to justify such betting system.

Should you desire to bet the home underdogs, and follow the expert's advice, not the advice of your friends who bet them regularly, then you are going to have to bet them each week. Not only would that be a waste of your money, it's completely against the spirit of sports betting.

There are a handful of co-workers in the betting department of a large bank who are regional bookies. They make enough on the Home dogs to make a regular profit. They are excellent at picking the winners and more than likely would Ante the over. They are experts at finding the under at the end of the hard numbers.

If you want to know if the home dogs have a better chance at winning, just bet the Home dogs. There is no gambling with the true outcome of a game. Just gambling with various co-workers in the office who are experts at finding the winners. Betting the Home dogs would be similar to what you would expect to see in a major city in the United States.

If you want to win, just bet the Home dogs in commencement.

Not only will you be picking the correct winners more often than not, but you will be keeping your hands in your pockets. What the experts are probably saying is that Home dogs are very consistent and low risk bets.

This article is not a mathematical nor a statistical analysis. It is an untold story that has been repeated over and over and over. Follow the links to see all of the information, tips and tactics we can provide. Perhaps the odd message of this article will be that Home teams are even essential to winning. Follow the information here and you will see what I mean.

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