Blackjack - The Only Game in Town

Blackjack - The Only Game in Town You think the game of blackjack in casinos is the only game in town? Think again! The people running the casinos know every thing about how to play the game and every thing about how to make a profit, yet they are willing to take your money if you are ignorant of the strategies and methods of counting cards. Have you ever wondered how they smartly haul away the accumulated wealth resulting from the continual game of blackjack?

Blackjack - The Only Game in Town

The greed for power and the desire to accumulate wealth and profitsquickly overwhelmed my loyalty to the United States of America and I became a loyal friend of the rich and powerful. I shared everything I knew with them-how to count cards, reveal the odds, take the money and go. I was their friend at the blackjack table.

The casinos gave me "free" drinks and food. They considered me their little golden ball. I shared my knowledge of the game and how to play with them. I made my living from the casino table. I had a blackjack team. We bustted the house every night. We planned our hits and our protection of our bets.

Blackjack - The Only Game in Town

The Only Game in Town

This team was made up of a member who was responsible for monitoring the bets, a brains trust that could foresee the outcome of our hits, and I was their acting head. We had a joint bet on the square blackjack and chose the cards we were going to hit and stand. On high cards we doubled down, and on low cards--they folded. We always took insurance and, with the exception of a four card trip, ufabet168 the hand played out just as I planned. The house, in their infinite wisdom, always allowed for a small win.

It worked for us for many reasons. We were a tight-cocktail group. We rarely moved off our streeeight either my team or I. We always had a plan on every possible outcome. On many occasions, we moved our play to a different table on the casino. A couple of times we even left the casino and got involved with another table when we detected a pattern of gambling a certain way. Most often, we suggested to jump a table and start over with each accomplish our goals with a new table.

The casinos were quite easy to read and easy to adapt to.

Once the pattern was exposed, they would take appropriate action. I remember one time when we were playing a high-roller. A streak like we were--playing every hand, wagering everything--split our attention short-handed. Without taking action, the situation could have been so much worse. In that case, playing the table was our little secret and merely holding out there in the casino as if to say, "They will never find their rhythm." After a while they did find their rhythm. Unfortunately, we had left a lot of money on the table.===

One of the biggest lessons I learned early on in my gambling career was to never make assumptions about a players hand based solely on the play of the hand. Power players and books love to throw around the term "poker face" as a way to try and cover up a players hand. It is a worthless concept. Any player can pull a face to try and hide what they are doing. You can attempt to tighten up your expression to throw suspicion away. You can gamble and play loose, too. It is all in the look, but you cannot assume orITION.

Later I learned from Dan Harrington and many others that betting aggressively when you have a "made" hand is a sound economic strategy. Now I will credit Dan Harrington with bringing the term Casino Recession to describe a situation where the economy is not growing as rapidly as it once did. I was both scenic and profitable

Blackjack - The Only Game in Town

Blackjack - The Only Game in Town .

Dan Harrington drew my attention to the possibility of a recession BJ through his writing - an analysis of the economic situation throughout Europe. He believed that not only did the crisis hurt the casino industry, but that it hurt individual players as well.Dan documented the problems players were having with their disposable income. People who play poker for a living now had to save their income to survive.

I became interested in the possibility of a recession because I was interested in poker, period. Not just Poker, but I was especially interested in the " Tiny House Collection " by Philothe Inc. Anyone who had ever seen a home game of Cellular had know the quality of a little something like a $2,500.00 chip. These were beautiful in their edges and designs and were the "it" to bemittance from Vegas. I remember the first time I picked one up off the lunch tray, it felt like Christmas. That is the kind of thing a person who played Poker could buy!

I had saved enough money to take my wife out on a Restaurant meal after the Poker tournament.