How to BeHappy at Online Casinos

How to BeHappy at Online Casinos

Today will present How to BeHappy at Online Casinos I started to play at online casinos about 4 years ago, and I remember the day I decided to quit my job and play only online casino games. I had no idea that I would end up quitting my job again and be able to play for hours at their machines all day. When I quit my last job, I quit with good intentions. I went home thinking that I would never play again. Yet, I have been playing ever since, eager to get my money back from the lousy casino. How did I end up playing and quitting in the first place?

How to BeHappy at Online Casinos
I have been playing for about 4 years now and I have won almost $1000 in poker, but I usually go broke fast and take life by the horns. I tell myself to quit, but I know that it is a game and there is no way to win every time. I have been play more and more poker, thinking that i can win every time. It is when I hit a long losing streak that I quit for the day, to go home. I always tell myself that "Today is not my day". But today I have won over $1000 in a single day. I suddenly couldn't stop, I had become a compulsive gambler. I began to bet more and more money on every hand, I lost every time. I decided that today was not my day and I need to go home. I should live like the millionaire that I am, not struggling to pay the rent. I threw all of my money out the window the first time I hit the casinos. I have been sobbing on my floor for about 3 days. I got back up and walked into my house and realized that I had $900 in my hand, a significant amount that month. I counted it as day one and I haven't bet since. I haven't had time to really process what has happened, the emotional side of betting is too intense. I haven't really closed the book on this whole experience.

After I got home and counted my wins, I kicked myself for not quitting earlier. I should have quit much earlier, I wasn't in the right state. I wasn't in the right space mentally. Other compulsive gamblers seem to hit their stride after they explode on an addiction. I hadn't been in such a dark place like that since my childhood years.

How to BeHappy at Online Casinos

My experience of gambling addiction made me realize that it is not healthy to gamble and that it is my own personal problem that needs to be addressed. I made a list of all the times that I should have quit, and all the times that I should have quit earlier, not to mention the extra time and money that I was also spending on gambling. I made a decision to quit completely. I made a promise to myself that I would never gamble again and to tell nobody about my gambling addiction. I made this promise to myself that I would never tell the gambling addicted friends that I was gambling.

After I came home and counted my winnings, I kicked myself for not quitting earlier. I could have stopped gambling much earlier, but I had no where near the financial situation to do it. I began to make a plan to quit. I had already developed a goal that I was going to spend my winnings in a different way. I was going to save my winnings and my winnings were going to help other people in need. I had decided that enough was enough and I was going to live in fuller ways.

Still I had not changed a cat or a dog in the next six months. I still go to the casino and I still spend money. I still gamble. I made a new rule that I did not gamble today and yesterday. I made a commitment to myself that I would stop gambling. I checked in streaks, on days that I gamble and I recorded the streaks. After I started keeping track of the streaks, I found out that I was still gambling - Whenever I won, I motioned with my eyes or vocalized something, that something would remind me of the streak, and I would go back and gamble until I had lost the money I won back.

How to BeHappy at Online Casinos

Where was I going wrong? Nobody had explained to me why these streaks ended, and I certainly wasn't finding out until I was having the final heartbreaking after losing $200.00 on a plating machine. Now, I compelled myself to stop, and I haven't had one single winning day since then. Although I suppose that could be due to me getting more use to my system. I suppose that it was meant to go on gambling to lose back my winnings. Whatever it is, I lost and I blame myself for losing.

I suppose that there is a part of me that comes from a place that loves self help and advice. I have been there before, in fact, I shared a few moments of insight with those that are seeking help.

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