How to make money with blackjack

How to make money with blackjack Winning blackjack requires a lot of tricks and a great deal of skill. There is no formula to win at blackjack. You have to earn your wins because no one can promise you that. Nevertheless, you can increase the probability of your winning, if you follow the appropriate planning. In addition, you can also minimize the possibility of losing at blackjack, if you were to study the game logically.

How to make money with blackjack

Beating the Odds in Blackjack

Many individuals have conducted numerous researches and studies about the game of blackjack. Each of them has managed to find a blackjack betting formula that actually increases the probability of beating the odds. In short, these betting techniques reduce the house advantage dramatically.

How to make money with blackjack

Many of these betting techniques actually lower the house advantage to such an extent that you actually have a realistic chance of winning with your cards. Other techniques expand your playing money to a new gaming area, or provide you with additional money when you win.

Casinos historically have been very interested in finding a way to beat the odds, or more accurately, a way to change the odds to their advantage. If you know about the various gaming myths, you will know that casinos are willing to spend a lot of money to try to discover the top gambling blackjack betting techniques.

Few gamblers know that there are blackjack betting techniques that can guarantee you a will win at blackjack. Some of these techniques are as simple as counting cards, or more impressively, you can actually move the cards during the game! Some of the techniques can even be performed online, with the help of there online casinos.

There are also "card counting" techniques, which are not related to the mechanics of the game of blackjack. These techniques are often being used by professionals to gain an edge over the house. A card counting method is normally kept secret by the players, but it is not difficult in practice.

How to make money with blackjack

The fact that the majority of blackjack players are losers and the casinos are making money is actually an indication of the technique of card counting. Look at the odds and see if you can idiot the casinos into thinking that you are a good player and they will be enticed to increase the size of the bets.

Blackjack card counting works with the principle that if the deck or shoe is rich in face cards, the probability of getting a blackjack increases. The more face cards in a shoe, the greater is the probability of getting a blackjack. In short, the house edge (or house advantage) goes down with the increase in the number of face cards in the shoe.

Card counting seeks to capitalize on this fact by be able to determine when the deck is rich in face cards and increase your bet accordingly. This makes for a more constant income. However, card counting is not enough alone. This is only useful when the deck is rich in face cards; however, without an effective blackjack betting strategy, the increase in income isdroppingoff severely because the bet size required is too high.

Enter the Hi Lo Card Counting Method. This method takes a syllable of counting methods and combines them all into one. It is a easy method to learn, and works with almost all counting systems. It will however require more attention that most counting methods because it is easier to do at the table than it is sitting in front of the television.

How to make money with blackjack

Yes, the Hi Lo Card Counting method is not for the faint of heart. If you've been counting cards in one form or another, you'll have to pay attention to the action, and the counting will not work properly. Okay, that's a given, but it's still easy to use. Let's look at the process for those who are not familiar with card counting.

The dealer starts dealing the cards to the player and then back to the dealer. There are six to eight decks in the shoe, depending on the type of blackjack game. Card counting works with the premise that if the deck is rich in face cards, more cards will face the player. There are some exceptions to that, which we will touch on later.

First, the player needs to determine if the deck is rich in high cards or low cards. High cards are cards like Queen, King, and Jack that are higher than the cards on the deck. These cards are good for the player because they are more likely to win the hand. Low cards are cards on the board that are likely not to make the dealer's hand. These cards are also good for the player because they are less likely to make the dealer bust.

After determining which cards are high and low, the player makes a point. The points from 0 to 3 are given depending on the cards in the deck. The card 4 through 9 are given a value of plus 1, and the card 10 and Ace are given a value of minus 1.

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