How to Winning Money Every Week

How to Winning Money Every Week Would you like to increase your chances of winning money every week? It is possible with a good betting system and some sensible staking.

How to Winning Money Every Week

How to Winning Money Every Week

We have all heard the stories of people winning in the short space of time and want to copy their success. Whether it is the building of aatellite dish,text booksoritting a bus stop, very few of us would wish to follow in their footsteps. Why not? Some of the great punters in history have made a fortune out of betting.

Fair enough, everyone wants to make it rich. Unfortunately, not many of them have the drive or will to make the necessary extra efforts to increase the probability of winning. If you desire to join them, then a betting system which involves a known and proven statistical approach is the way to go.

What can you do if you want to increase your chances of winning the big prize?

Set Aside a Betting Bank

A betting bank is essential for increasing the chances of winning. Your betting bank has to be protected from your own wallet, and from illusted friends and family. It is an investment against you, and you should keep your maximum risk to a level you can cope with the risk.

If you do not keep your betting bank adequately protected, you will end up slowly but surely losing all your money. After a few weeks, if you do not win, you will probably panic and spend all your money trying to win. You might end up losing more than you can afford, and it will be a pattern that you will not easily escape from.

An investment in a betting system is one that you will feel secure with, and the best way to protect your betting bank is to proportional bet. If you bet 5% of your bank, then your biggest bet would be 5 units. Your smallest bet would be 1 unit. By keeping your betting bank proportional, you are keeping your risk low.

How to Winning Money Every Week
Spread Your Risk With a Smart Bet

If you really want to win, you should spread your risk with a rational approach. That means that you spread your risk by betting on more than one outcome. Here are a couple of ways to do that.

First, place your bet on the player who is likely to win the most. If you think that the player is the strongest, you bet on him first. Don't bet on the favourite just yet, because you want to challenge him. Wait until you know the strength of the players, then place your bet on the second one. This way, you are betting on two outcomes at the same time, but you are making sure that you are on the right one.

Secondly, don't bet on more than two outcomes. This may seem like wagering on the other outcomes not happening, but it really is the smart way to do it. If you bet on more than one outcome, then your chances of losing are much higher than if you were to bet only on one outcome.

There is no excuse for not doing your homework. Nothing ventured nothing gained. When you are going to bet on an outcome, you should do your research and make an educated choice. If you choose incorrectly, most likely you will have some losses. You may think that the increase in your betting bank will help, but it probably won't. You should never place a bet if you don't feel confident on it. That coupled with the fact that you won't win any backer, is going to lead you to losing the whole lot.

The thrill in betting is obvious. Everybody that bets, wins or loses comes out on top every now and then. It's just simple mathematics. Do enough research and you will find the thrill and the thrill is an unbeatable thing to get.

Don't risk it all

Just because you have learnt how to place a bet, doesn't mean that you should wager your money that much. You need to be realistic, and realise that you can't bet big if you want to make a constant profit. Betting a small percentage of your bank is far better than bets that are half way through your bank.

How to Winning Money Every Week
Take your time

You need to take your time when placing bets. Don't place bets that you feel are a complete waste of your time. Remember, this is a business and if you want to make a profit you need to be working for it, not playing for it.

If you bet for a living, you need to write it off as entertainment, not a daily habit. Don't make a deposit until you have time to eliminate the risk.

How To Eliminate Risk For Success

The risk in working for a living as a professional sports bettor is the same as any other business. However, the rewards can be twice as big if you get it right.

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