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If you are just starting out playing online poker, then you will definitely need some poker pointers and advice to improve your game quickly. There is free and paid advice, so you do need to choose which advice you follow and follow it. There is no point asking a pro to explain something that is already well known. But, if you are finding yourself in a rut, then try one of the following poker tips to improve your game.

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My main point of reference for improving your game is to understand the difference between a cash game and a tournament. In cash games, you are paid a certain amount of chips by the casino for each hand you play. For example, if you play for $10 at a casino, you will be paid roughly $10 every hand. Some casinos pay you more, such as paying up to $100 per hand.

In a tournament, you are not paid a specific amount of chips. You earn a specific number of chips during the tournament. These chips are the only chips you get to bet with, and there is no way to move or exchange them. During most tournaments, the casino usually takes a small amount of the pot as your buy-in. This means that you need to have a buy-in far above the minimum required bet to make some money.

The buy-in for most online poker tournaments is $200 + the fee. So, if the buy-in is $200, you need to have at least $1,000 dollars on your poker account. You can deposit the $1,000 from your checking account, but if you want to play tournaments, you need to have over $1,000 in your account.

The $1,000 needs to be available in your online poker account + the funds you have in your account + the fee. You can find a lot of ways to do this. Many poker sites offer coupons or special deals that match your deposit dollar for a dollar. A lot of poker sites offer bigger deposit bonuses, such as depositing $500 for only $25. Plus, there are promotions for opening a new account. All of these are great, but you need to make a mistake or two to lose your money.

If you have $1,000 in your account and there is a $500 bonus for opening an account with that same bank, you need to read the small print, and check that you are opening an account as a depositing player, rather than an earning player. The densest possible mistake you can make is to try to earn your money without reading the small print first.

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Once you have looked at the small print, gone to the casino, and talked to a employee about opening an account, you have probably made it through most of the online poker rooms. You can now play at the casino and be confused, stressed, and impatient. The walk from your room to the casino is going to take at least 2 hours. You can arrive at two and probably be ready to play in two different games.

At the casino, everyone knows who you are. You are not mistaken for someone else, so there is likely no one to teach you any ill effects of playing too much or too loose. You probably will not want to change tables, during play, because the bored look on your face may beckon the kind of dealer you normally see in movies, where everyone is dull and waiting for the shooting victim to show some stamina.

If you are a big fan of tighter games, there may be very little for you to do in the lower pots at the craps table. There is some indication of a minimum bet; but that is usually deceptive. The minimum bet at the craps table is often the same as the maximum bet. In the old days, there was some difference; but not anymore. There is less eye catching to see in the lower limit games.

If you want, you can get up and take a break after 4 or 5 minutes, to let the ads down, and stretch your legs, but staying too long takes its toll on your nerves. It takes what little adrenaline you had and sprints to other parts of the casino.


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Then, you limp in to the Blackjack game, play your tight game, hit a nice winning streak, feel relaxed, and then, you are ready to come home.

The walk from the Casino to your car, to the airport, is going to rarely be comfortable. walk ten minutes you lose your edge as you are pushing twenty, thirty, forty, fifty pounds to your car.  booking the ticket, taking it to the airport, remembering to put on your shoes, and then having to drive eight hours, to the casino.

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