Development of sports placement system

Development of sports placement system Straight from the beginning lets sort out one thing, there are not secret betfair techniques to earning thousands quickly. There are no secret systems or golden markets. If you see any systems claiming that within a few sessions they have made a fortune from betfair it's just ridiculous on many levels.

Development of sports placement system

Development of sports placement system

However there is a different type of system that on many occasions has produced profitable months even when not working perfectly. This is not what I would would consider a system but more of a set of guidelines I follow in my betting which helps me to win in the long term.

Having said that if you want to make some money in the betting markets then you too could follow this simple advice :

In an average week I will lay approximately 4 bets on the outcome of between 4 and 10 matches. Some weeks this number is more like 7 or 8 whereas others are fewer. Obviously the 8 matches I don't bet on may be the toughest as the highest profile matches and games will normally draw the short term, you're looking at taking between 24 and 48 bets to profit over the average punter.

Below I will list the 8 match playing criteria to help you develop your own system :

1.No current form information.

This is the most basic of criteria and yet one that is often missed when betting on football matches. If you can provide me with a list of your highest scoring players and let me know the respective odds of the home win, draw or away win I will do the rest.

2.No information on the previous games played.

My betting success comes from the fact that I follow a well designed process and apply the criteria above exhaustively. If I don't have a current injury list to peruse and a conclusions based assessment of the playing staff it is very likely that I will not make a profit.

3.No knowledge of the league

This criteria creates two levels of betting.

Development of sports placement system

Level 1. Is this team capable of winning this competition ?

I know that any team can win a league title with a good performance, although most will be unlucky in the first instance, we are dealing with the elite at this point.

Level 2. Does the form list the probability of the team winning a match, or does it give a selection for the home win, draw or away win ?

If the answer to these questions is yes the team you are considering is certainly worth laying your money on, whereas if the answer to the questions is no, you are not looking at level 2 betting stakes.

4.Make sure you know the history of the team against whom you are laying

Unlike teams in the Championship who are likely to haveitional players with previous big wins the form for the League 1 teams will generally be less known and as such the current form may not be a bar to achieving a betting return.

5.Think about inter-league competition

League titles are extremely costly, because even the best performing league members will not win the same thing twice. With this in mind it is highly likely that any league member, who has previously done well in their Inter League competition, may struggle in their League One match.

6.Look especially at odds

"Handicap" betting opportunities are numerous in the League System, because many League System bets are placed on the outcome of matches, such as the Conference and League Cup finals. The odds are strongly in the teams favour to win, which makes it a simple opportunity to bet.

7.Conference medals

The League Managers' stats and League Cup Trophy wins will be familiar to you, and football betting is similar to other sports in the region. This football betting system can be particularly beneficial to the followers of the lower alerted managers.

8.Odds on the concerning of the Football League

The Football League is regarded by many as the top flight of English football and theLast Season Football League Champions are perhaps not given the same respect as their continental counterparts, although some of the lower teams may be lower in the pecking order.

Development of sports placement system

The strength of theFootball Leaguelast season was put into perspective by the consistent win of the top four teams, the same as the top teams in the premier league, the Premier League, Serie A and the Bundesliga.

The same cannot be said of the lower placed teams in the league, who intelligently spent most of the season avoiding the high order of the table and avoided the mistakes made by the top teams. This gave them a run from the bottom of the table perfect opportunities to catch up with the play already in the table and jeopardise their position in the league, but they did not and that should be noted.

There will be a lot of interest in the next round of the Football League, because the top two teams will be drawn against the bottom side of the Football League table and the odds are strongly in the teams progress.

Development of sports placement system

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