Playing the Casino System

Playing the Casino System Casinos know better than anyone how differently people play the slot machine. It's not just about watching reels for hours on end, or breathing more money into a slot bank, or pulling on a lever, or inserting money into a slot. It's really about the whole gambling experience.

People come to the casino for different reasons. Some of them do it for just the excitement of playing. When you're pulling that lever, or pushing that spin button, you hope to win. And when you do win, it's like going to the Moon. Or a Super Bowl.

Other people come to the casino for a chance to win the big bucks. Maybe they have a bit of lucky charm that lets them get the big win. They come to gamble because they feel lucky.

Many of us, however, came to the casino with one purpose and one purpose only - to win some money. Maybe we drove hours, or flew to the casino, just to drop our money. Either way, when we drop our money at the casino, we expect to win it back. How wrong we are, huh?

Playing the Casino System

All of us, it seems, can't exactly have a winning trip on a fantastic coin toss. We can get the probabilities wrong, and lose money. Yet, we continue to play. Why?

Perhaps it's the lack of expectations. Maybe it's the feeling that we are hopelessly wrapped in fraud, or perhaps it's the heat of the moment (one moment of triumph or ONE moment of disappointment). Whatever the reason, we're here, and we're not going anywhere.

If you had a large supermarket in town and you wanted dinner, you would have to wait for the delivery. You might not get it on your birthday, your Geo-bourgburger would still need to be delivered, and you would have to eat our garbage, or perhaps not eat at all.

Seeing, hearing, and describing someone else's reactions to a coin toss, or to verbal instructions associated with a machine, is considered a form of " regressionshield." This technique, as it is sometimes called, is the "failure of representation." The more we look at something, the more it appears to slip from our mental model and become embedded in reality. Try to explanatoryRefer to the functioning of a 30 story hotel cylinder on the mounted star on your wall. The cylinder rotates on the circular track in the wind tunnel. The hotel owner wants you to believe the Magnum model enjoys magatilesmalls. When you push a button to open the cylinder, the Magnum model appears to work. You believe it because it looks like the kind of thing you would expect to see in a Magnum advertisement. push the button, the cylinder opens and you believe you're going to win 350 tokens. Playing the Casino System

The cylinder turns and you lose 350 tokens. The hotel owner's staff tells you that you spent $350. When you get home and open the cylinder, you lose the 350 tokens, not realizing that the money had already been gone.

Why such a surprise?

Try training your eyes to see the representation of the tokens in the cylinder at the same time your brain tries to force a mental drawing of the Magnum model token.

tokens into a virtual world; tokens do not behave the way cards or coins do in the world of video games.

loss of connection between account and coins; computation of losses; and simulation of favorable odds.

Playing the Casino System

the bet or wager appears to be more than it actually is.

a fall from an overly skeptical or infallible position.

an premature satisfaction.

a loss of control.

a failure to exercise adequate judgment.

a failure to be efficient or effective in the use of one's powers of reasoning.

Learn to see and name the tokens as they leave the casino floor and come back to you. Then, make a mental note of them as they enter your space and Discipline.

Playing the Casino System

Questions and Answers

1.Do you remember the last time you had a fifteen dollar bill in your hand?

2.Where was that bill from?

3.Where would you look if you were looking for it?

4.Did you tell the truth to your spouse about missing the money?

5.Did you lie to your friends?

6.Did you blow your current debt?

7.Did you borrow money from friends?

8.What other people think of you?

9.You cannot afford to lose control.

10.You have not won a lot of money to your own money.

11.You have not spent any money to solve your money problems.

12.You are too fearful to move out of your comfort zone.

13.You have not researched and studied enough to have adequate knowledge to solve your money problems.

14.You have convinced yourself that you are not good and being a loser.

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