Free Horse Racing Systems

Free Horse Racing Systems Winning at horse racing requires patience and discipline. There are no quick and easy ways to make money from horse racing. No system is one hundred percent guaranteed but you can build up a small fortune if you have the right approach. There are many ways to bet on horse racing from the Comfort level of bets to the high rollers professional betting.

The three methods I will be presenting here are not the finished products. They are the starting points only to be used for intermediate or beginner punters. These methods will not work for professional gamblers. Never bet on a race if you have had too much to drink or be inebriated. Again this is amateur gamblers so don't take this as advice to put money on when you know it's a high calculated risk.

Free Horse Racing Systems

Free Horse Racing Systems

1.Insurance Betting

The lowest risk betting option and the most common method of betting. You place a bet on one horse, who is backed up by another betting outfit. If your chosen horse wins you are paid back the bankers 5 percent commission. This reward is dependent on the exchange rates which are very fast to move.

It is sometimes possible to find a two way back bet. This involves backing an independent horse on at least two levels. This is a more complicated bet to place and normally the amateur punters who do this have a more developed understanding of the horse racing markets than the professional punters on the other end of the stick.

2.Each Way Bet

Opposing to the Each Way Double, this bet requires every stake to be placed on the same horse. This bet is not offered by all exchanges and your selections must be within a reasonable betting distance of each other.

This bet is ideal for horse racing fans who have a particular interest in participating in betting and the betting exchanges offer great encouragement to continued betting. However this bet should be used with caution as many inexperienced gamblers who place on each way bets without knowing what they are doing can find themselves on the losing side of the equation.

3.Half Pairs

If you are feeling particularly generous, you can play a half pair selection. This bet means placing a bet on the horse, which you select either alone or in combination with another selection.

Free Horse Racing Systems

This bet is offered by SkyBet, and as the name suggests, if you win, not only will you have your stake returned, but the selection of the second highest voted selection. If your selection comes second, you will receive further back your stake back plus a further 50 percent of the winnings on your other selection.

While this bet is ideal for horse racing fans who are more concerned about individual selections, it is also a potent bet for arbitrage opportunists.

While your selection may initially perform well, there is a good possibility that it may run into injury or old age. At this point you have completed your desired path to chasing that valuable jackpot. However at some stage in the process, the odds may have changed dramatically. You may now be facing a much lower return on your investment.

differential betting opportunities

While the flat variety of betting isosititious to some extent, arbitrage opportunities provide you with a convenient way of scooping up big profits, or more precisely, guaranteed returns. This isosititious to certain betting systems rather than other types of betting. Regardless of the betting method used, to guarantee a demonstrable return on a selection or a range of selections, an agreed betting percentage - known as the arbitrage margin - must be in place. The easiest way to ensure this happens is to use an exchange betting platform. This allows you to place bets with an exchange, and has a corresponding arbitrage margin for when you lay bettingstrategy. This margin is the difference between the return you would have created had you placed your bets on the specific race or racegroup.

Free Horse Racing Systems

This concept is best explained through the example of television betting. Each week the schedules for all the television channels are released. Each race has a specific bookmaker who will provide odds for the runner of each selection. These odds are dependent on the conditions of the race and the bookmaker is always making theoretical propositions. In other words, he is assuming, or betting on, that a particular outcome will happen.

On some occasions the schedules are made more complicated for one of the potential outcomes to be split into two or more runs. In order to guarantee a return on your investment, or where you feel your odds are not giving you the return on your money that you expected, you can lay the selection at a shorter price than you originally took. Here you are betting against the outcome of the event, rather than against the idea that an outcome will happen.

genders or Lottery Numbers

It could be possible to bet specific genders or lottery numbers in order to try to guarantee a return on your money. Free Horse Racing Systems

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