How to Use PayPal for Online

How to Use PayPal for Online Personal bank accounts to fund online casino gambling are illegal in most of the United States. PayPal offers a viable alternative as a way to send and receive money while participating in online gambling.

How to Use PayPal for Online

How to Use PayPal for Online

PayPal is technically not a bank. However, some legal experts argue that PayPal is in fact a banking company, because of the way it manages financial transactions and retains funds for lengthy periods. PayPal prevents illegal transactions by requiring users to maintain low-profit accounts with the online service.

Using PayPal to fund online gambling is perfectly legal, but the traditional banking system is somewhat inconvenient. Some people, especially those living in countries that areleaguered by banking fees, credit card companies, and high note fees (,-0.30% or more), prefer PayPal to use as their online gambling gaming account. Other people, again including those living in the United States, have tried but found difficulties depositing and withdrawing funds from their PayPal accounts., an assorted portal site that allows U.S. players to participate in online casino games such as online slots, keno, bingo, roulette, and more, says that 99% of all casino players use PayPal as their online gambling bank. This statistically lends credence to the fact that many online gambling sites use PayPal as their banking option.

However, many people, again including myself, also have found that using a credit card to fund their PayPal account for online gambling can be very time consuming. A person living in the United States has to use a credit card and a bank account at some place; a person living anywhere in the world has to make a deposit or credit card transaction at some place. By the time a person meets the requirements for using a credit card to fund his PayPal account, it's often already too late to take advantage of the lower limits at online casinos.

How to Use PayPal for Online

However, there are options for U.S. players at Internet gambling sites other than credit cards. Not all online gambling sites accept American players. Because of the UIGEA also known as the "Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act" many banks and credit card companies don't allow U.S. players to make deposits or withdrawals to their accounts.

There are online payment services, like paypal, that do allow U.S. players to fund accounts and play at online gambling sites. These services, such as epassport, can be very convenient and often allow the player to virtually participate in online gambling games at virtually any online casino that accepts PayPal payments. ( epassport is the software that allows you to do this).

epassport allows you to easily check the online gambling websites that accept PayPal deposits and withdrawals, and it includes a plug-and-play feature that allows you to easily open an account with an online casino of your choice. You can play online bingo games, participate in online slot tournaments, blackjack, and virtually participate in any online casino game that you can think of from the comfort of your own home. epassport allows you to do all this from virtually anywhere, at home or abroad.

Paypal is by far the most secure online payment method, and millions of people world wide use it to participate in online gambling. epassport is another plug-and-play payment system that allows you to get cash out of your bank quickly and easily. epassport online gambling websites also have a plug-and-play feature that lets you open an account with an online casino of your choice almost instantly. You can play at your whim with virtually any game, including online poker. The epassport online gambling websites have a wonderful loyalty program in which you earn points instantly as you play. You can redeem your points for a variety of rewards, including cash bonuses, software bonuses, guaranteed payouts, and monthly match bonuses.

How to Use PayPal for Online

The epassport online gambling programs are brought to you by a group of dedicated Internet gamer gamblers. is elimate's online gambling portal, but also sells everything you need to get started in online gambling. Money you won on bets or depositing money are deposited directly into your e-wallet accounts at The website accepts many different currencies to further accommodate your players' international bank deposits.

epassport lets you get in touch with other online gamblers and community. To find out what's going on in the world of online gambling, sign up for e-mail newsletters, like the bingo updates, the roulette posts or the online casino posts. You can find out when the latest promotions go live or what new offers are available.

epassport gambling takes roulette, blackjack, bingo, slots, and more, into the homes of gamblers around the world. You can find out what's going on in the online gambling world from the people who love it. How to Use PayPal for Online

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