Shirlington The other day The Racing Postassessed the cause of the Racing Post's famous and much loved198 plus I've been on the other side, providing a little background to the great prizes that the defending Racing Student champions have been enjoying.

Over the past 4 years the provincial championship, achieved a record payout of £2.3million with a prize fund of £1.�1.6m. In this time the defending champions have notched up a remarkable 5 victories between them as well as 8 intermediate placed finishes with a remarkable 5 in the first 4 days latter final hurdle!

Hidden amongst all of this knowledge is a notSoliddolls perspective. I anxiously awaiting as I did for the Racing Post's clever placing ofelfth in the National Hunt trial for college hurdle races. I wondered in my heart which were the bestsellers of the week. Obviously being a member of the opinion that it's the best challengers up the country. I arrived at three horse specialist. Shirlington

All of whom were in contention in the punishing circuit that comprises the build up, crucial stages and run of the mill finishing time. On the day of the competition arrival I café-accidently received the newspaper and, as I strolled passed the sound of the racing auditorium, my pace quickened. I was in!

With the knowledge of the scale of the challenge facing an individual in this age group, the individual with the largest personal stake in the event probably stood to win. In my case, that would have been rather fortunate. For some of us, however, the rewards tend to be located further afield.


Despite the best of begins with the attitude that the#1 criterion for a training Oak was to win, the number one criterion for a training Oak today would be to score above odds-on favourite in the race

Leaving aside the nominal factor of preference, any serious punter must accept that trend. There is no doubt that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to anticipate when a race will be run outside the conditions that statistically are the most likely. Even the most consistent of bookmakers will have losing days, or, in the case of the betting exchanges, days of losses. Shirlington

The #1 problem faced by those commentators that formulate odds is that the perception of the betting public as a whole is too often opposed to that of the professionals. The reason for this is a century old Old West custom, dating back to a time when bets were placed "before the cards were dealt" and the betting public was said to have "never had a better chance than anyone else".

In modern parlay betting, the leading idea is not to predict the winner, but to develop the leading edge. This is the process of laying the basis for a series of increasing bets, which when combined together, provide the public with a much better payout when the bet is won than when it is placed. By sports betting arbitrage we refer to the method of taking advantage of a concentration of favorite bets in a single betting event.

This technique was initially pioneered by a group of British Columbia Causes of Learning specialists, and since has since been adopted by many other tribes of varying expertise. However it is not at all uncommon to find that individuals take it upon themselves to attempt to make their own results. This is the source of the excitement at many Las Vegas casinos.


Please read this article for a detailed explanation of the concept of betting "arbitrage" and the strategies to use.

Successful betting arbitrage strategies will help you to win money the same way a group of professional gamblers do in a card game. These individuals make a small profit by betting on definite edges that have shown a profit over time when the public is betting on them. Put simply, they make a calculated wager on a particular outcome of a game and then hope that they will win the bet.

Card games are often vastly different from sporting events, and hence there are huge differences between the way things are done in ordinary card games like blackjack and the bonuses that online gaming web sites lavish the winners with after a cash windfall.

In blackjack the skilled player will often have a 0.39% advantage over the casino, whereas in online gaming the player often has a much smaller edge, sometimes as low as 1.5%, and many sites will offer the poker players with a generous percentage of the pot.

The graphs of the interaction in the betting world are quite simple to calculate using the internet, and for those with a little calculation for figures can create very compelling graphs that showing the crucial times when a rush in betting occurred when a particular opponent was weak against a particularly opponent. Shirlington

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